Finding that Passion

Dear readers,

WOW. Move-In Day is ONE WEEK AWAY. That means soon, we will have over 7,000 first years on campus and more specifically 452 residents in Morrison. Over the past week, my office assistants and I have worked hard to prepare the building for opening and we are thisclose to being ready. The decorations are hung, the keys are in order, and we are excited for life to come back to our building!

Already, I’m loving the RM position and the opportunities I find every day to talk to my OAs, hear how it’s going at the desk and in their life, and assist them in their work, goals, and challenges. Even though my sleep schedule has been a little off with late night hours being logged, I feel more energized than I ever have to take on the school year and my position in University Housing. This feeling makes me confident that not only was the RM position right for me, but that my senior year of college is going to be amazing and filled with extraordinary experiences to pursue my passions and help others do the same.

In addition to my RM training, I’ve also been finishing up my financial literacy work at the State Treasurer’s office (aka calling a lot of school principals to get contact information that will get our curriculum updates in the classroom). This Wednesday marks my last day in office. I’m sad to leave, but I’m confident that the skills, experiences, and connections I’ve made there will continue to resurface in my schoolwork and future career. I’m excited to continue connecting with their office as I learn more about public service.

Finally, I have exciting news! The Columbus Foundation has offered to keep me on as their Community Research and Grants Management Intern this fall! I will have the opportunity to finish a few projects, like the exciting Fundraising and Development Fellowship launch (college seniors, check it out– the app will go live soon!) and assist in records research and organizing. I’ve talked with many of my University Housing colleagues about my summer internships and every time I tell them about the Foundation I get so excited to share the amazing work we are doing. It just goes to show that finding passion in what you do is the most important thing. I truly believe I’ve found that thing, and now I am going to fiercely pursue it.



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