So you’re like an RA or what? 

Dear readers,

As many of you know, my past two years of college have been spent serving as a Resident Advisor (RA) on campus. This has meant getting to know upwards of 100 amazing students, picking up a few 3am phone calls to deal with an incident, and being a resource, mentor, listening ear, and friend to my residents. It was a great challenge to feel energized each day in this role, as living and working in the same environment can often be overwhelming or frustrating when, like any student, you need a break from the craziness. 

However, while it was a challenge, this position also taught me a few life lessons I will take with me long past graduation, including knowing when to ask for help, remembering when to listen rather than to give advice, and balancing your needs with other’s. It also led me to some wonderful friends and lifelong memories (I could tell you some great stories). I am so thankful for the two years I spent as an RA.

BUT. I am actually no longer in this role, and since training for my similar, but new position began yesterday, I thought it was a great time to explain what it is exactly that I’ll be doing this year. Especially since I know I’ll have to explain this about 1,000,000 times in the next few weeks to my peers and family/friends back home. 

My new role as a Resident Manager (RM) is to make sure the front desk of my residence hall runs smoothly, so that its purpose of connecting residents to resources and building community is met. The front desks at Ohio State are always hubs of energy and fun. When I was a freshman at OSU, I worked at the front desk and loved the way it connected me with everyone else in my building and gave me professional customer service experience (it also didn’t hurt that I could do my homework at work either).

Now I’m on the other side of that coin. Instead of working at the front desk as a Office Assistant, I will be supervising these 18-20 OAs and completing the paperwork and processes that make the desk work. I will be managing a 452-person building, mainly by communicating with University Housing about any issues, vacancies, or general updates in the building. 


Our lobby’s theme is travel- my OAs made this amazing bulletin board!

I also have the privilege of working with my OAs, who I will finish hiring in October. From there, we will get to know one another and bond as a staff through programming and retreats that I will plan. Just as I had the mentorship and professional recommendation of my RM, I hope to serve a similar role for my OAs. They already make me laugh and make my job that much easier with their help and positivity.   

my door decorations for everyone

So cheers to a new job, new year, and one heck of an opportunity to make a difference for my students! 



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