Lights, Camera, Action

Dear Readers,

Deep below the center of Ohio government, in the basement of the Statehouse, is a world of offices you never knew about. Until now. Because two days ago, I used my fancy intern badge and got issued clearance past the museum (actually pretty sure anyone has clearance, it just sounded cool), and stepped inside the office of OGT, or Ohio Government Television.


pumps and (secret) passages

My supervisor, Jeremy, sprung me out of the office on this dreary day for a field trip to film two Smart Money Choices videos for the State Treasurer’s office website. The videos we watched being taped today will be used as financial education tools by everyday Ohioans. Specifically, we filmed the Retirement and Investements topics today, and these will be used in addition to other topics such as Consumer Rights and Social Security.

getting set up to film

The office of OGT was overflowing with wires, screens, and equipment. While they are still in their off-season, it was a busy place to be and a lot of fun. I hope that these videos will really help the people who view them to think critically about their finances and seek out additional professional financial advice. The speaker I watched present today, as well as the three others I’ve watched on screen, really have done a great job making this information accessible, informative, and even fun.



That’s all for now! I’ve concluded my last full day with the Treasurer’s Office and will now be transitioning into flexible hours with them through August before leaving on the 24th. It’s been such a great learning experience to see the other side of our government and be a part of it (and discover new hidden rooms of the Statehouse!)




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