Tennessee Vacation

This past week was spent soaking up the sun with my family (even Tara, who was in from Wisconsin) in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We stayed in a resort that had a beautiful lazy river and view of the golf course (and subsequently fireworks from Dollywood each night at 9:30pm), and most of my time was used trying to get a tan by our pool. 

When my family and I weren’t being lazy in the so-named river, we took a few trips to Gatlinburg and into the city of Pigeon Forge itself. Just like when we were little, we took a trip to the aquarium and got to pet stingrays (our favorite) and never wanted to leave. 




it was shark week after all


begged mom and dad to buy me this

Outside of the aquarium, we were on the lookout for some really good food. We found homemade ice cream, the best caramel apple I’ve ever had, corn chowder, fried chicken. You name it– I think I gained 10 pounds in those 4 days we were there.

My dad, sister, and I also found the fastest go-karts in Pigeon Forge. My mom decided to sit that adventure out and probably for good reason. They were a tad extreme, and while I did pretty well driving the course, the best part of the ride was when I accidentally plowed into cones instead of hitting my brake after it was over (or at least that was everyone else’s favorite part).

Lastly, our family visited the Titanic museum. It sounds kitschy, but the amount of history the museum has gathered is pretty amazing. Additionally, they recreated the $1 million grand staircase so I got to live out my Jack and Rose fantasy right there beneath the clock. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside the museum.


never let go, Jack


found the heart of the ocean

Overall, it was a great vacation, filled with delicious food and great pool time, but I’m most thankful for the opportunity to spend it with family. I can’t remember the last time we all went somewhere together on vacation.  

sister sister

Lastly, this vacation from work was not only filled with a trip to Tennessee, but also a trip to Hamilton, Ohio to see a good friend say “I do.” I’m so happy I got to see Sierra and Kyle tie the knot (officially) in front of all their family and friends. Thanks again for letting me be a part of your big day; wishing you both the best! 

with the two maid of honors


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