Summer Internship Updates

Dear readers,

So far this summer, I’ve been interning with The STEAM Factory and working at the Recreation and Physical Activity Center here on campus. These experiences have been wonderful, but I’ve continued to look for other experiences, that in addition to my current positions, will boost my professional skills in the city and regional planning profession. In the past week, I’ve finalized a few new plans for the rest of the summer and want to share them with you all! I will be starting work as an intern with the Treasurer of State’s Office and The Columbus Foundation over the next two weeks. My responsibilities for each position are still being finalized, but I am so excited to work in these new capacities and better prepare myself for a future in community development!

At the Treasurer’s office, I will be an intern with the Center for Public Investment Management and Financial Literacy. With the Columbus Foundation, I’ll be working in the Community Research and Grants Management department. There, I’ll be helping the team implement new programming as well as cleaning up some database contacts.

My wide-eyed view of the Statehouse after my first HR meeting

My wide-eyed view of the Statehouse after meeting with HR

Being able to connect with both of these organizations is an amazing opportunity. Their work is critical to Columbus and the state of Ohio and having even a small role in their success energizes me to take on the rest of the summer full-force. As these experiences come to fruition, I will keep this blog updated with my thoughts and responsibilities. Already, I’ve felt the rush of excitement walking through the doors of each office space, ready to meet new people, serve my community, and enhance my professional skills. These internships are providing me with insight into life after graduation, and I could not be more thankful.



2 thoughts on “Summer Internship Updates

  1. What cool opportunities! Internships are such great ways to learn.
    Also just took a look around (stalked, oops!) your blog! 11 countries in a year? I’m so jealous! What have been your favorites?? I’m planning my next trip right now!

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