Columbus Summer

Dear Readers,

So many of my friends over the years have raved about Columbus summers, and it’s true. The atmosphere on and around campus during the summer months is completely different from the hurried, busy fall and spring semesters. At the same time though, I can’t help but feel as if I’ve somehow wasted my first few weeks of summer in the city. 

For one, I’ve spent much of it working at my internship or on-campus job, and less time with friends than I would have liked. While it should be easier to connect with friends over summer, it’s actually been more difficult, with so many of us working full-time and so tired at the end of our days that we do not do much else afterwards. 

That being said, this summer has already proven both relaxing and energizing. Living in an apartment for the first time off-campus has been such a fun learning experience. Being an RA for two years and always living on campus definitely set me up for a big learning curve when it comes to “adulting” off campus, but I’m finding the joy in independence, cooking, and having a roommate again. 

Making plans for the rest of the summer, it seems that much of my time will be utilized in planning for the future: studying for the GRE, prepping post-grad applications, and working. But I hope that I can still enjoy the present daily experiences available in Columbus, the here and now. 

There are things I’ve never been able to attend before, such as North Market Drive-Ins, Zoombezi Bay at the zoo, the arts festival, and Pride. Or even just the casual hangouts with friends living so close to me with no schoolwork to worry about. Things someone can only do when so close to the center of it all. I will be sure to blog about these adventures, as I am so grateful to be living in Columbus this summer and finally take in this new setting for my city.



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