Delays and Detroit

Dear Readers,

If you’re watching my snapchat story or reading my tweets, you’ll know I’ve experienced some travel difficulties coming back from Wisconsin.

Last night, my first flight from Milwaukee to Detroit was delayed 2.5 hours because of weather. My second flight was then delayed also, and continued to be every half hour (a total of 4 times). We finally boarded the aircraft, after switching planes due to issues with our first that were keeping us from flying, around 11:30pm. Already tired and 3 hours late getting home, imagine my despair when they had us unload the plane because of this second plane have mechanical issues (which we found out today was because of pepper spray being used on the plane).

After sitting in the airport for a while milling about, Delta booked everyone hotels. Just saying, mine was rather sketchy, but I was happy to finally hit the hay around 2 am. My flight the next morning was to take place at 11 am.

But of course, we were using the SAME plane as the night before, and therefore it was still messed up from the pepper spray today. We were boarded and then unboarded again, only to have the flight cancelled completely and asked to take a complimentary car service from Detroit to Columbus. What?? Yes, really a car full of 5 strangers just trying to go home left around 1:30 today and are STILL trying to make it there. By the time I get home, it will be just shy of 24 hours late.

Now, this has been done in the spirit of complaining, obviously, it has been a long day, but I’d like to also offer some thoughts on this experience. Mainly, I have been so thankful for the kindness of strangers these past 24 hours. Traveling by myself, at an age when I cannot rent a car, in combination with not receiving much information from Delta during the whole process, the kind people who went out of their way to offer me a smile, guidance, or share a laugh have been a blessing. Shared experience really does bond people and bring out both the best and worst of our natures. But for every pushy, impatient person I met yesterday trying to fix their flight, I met more nice, just frustrated people, who were more than willing to fill me in with information, offer me a car ride, or even let me cut them in line so I could get my hotel room first.

Be kind, people. It goes a long way. And also, think twice before going into the Detroit airport hungry.




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