Recap: London, Paris, and Dijon

Dear Readers,

Now that school is out for the summer, and I am working in Columbus, I have a bit more time to consider the trip I took in March. First of all, it was wonderful — seeing Olivia at her school, during her study abroad, having the #1 best fish and chips in London (as rated by locals), and of course, visiting sites I’ve been dreaming of for years.

In Dijon

In Dijon and being “candid”

It’s impossible to explain the feeling I had in London. While I have always been skeptical of the city so many seem to love, I understood immediately after arriving there and taking the Underground for the first time. The city is so rich with history but also modern culture, and I know that someday I’ll be back. As for Paris, the city was beautiful, and it really was full of the romance so often associated with it. Seeing large groups of friends and couples gather around the glittering Eiffel Tower at night was a little magical to say the least, but my favorite part was the view from our apartment: the same skyline but calmer and more local.

Finally, our visit with Olivia in Dijon had a lot of charm. Dijon’s tram system was easy to use, the city was clean, and its lakes and hiking area provided a much needed retreat from the cities. Additionally, Liv introduced us to the best drink, which I plan on making a staple in the states. The recipe (for a drink called a Monaco) is as followed and is big in Dijon:

  • Fill a glass 1/2 full with a light lager
  • Fill the other 1/2 with equal parts grenadine and 7-Up

It tastes a little like a red cream soda, and I’m convinced it is the best drink on earth.

The wonderful Monaco

The wonderful Monaco

To conclude, since it would take a whole year to go through each detail of the trip, so like I did with Hungary, I will describe my Top 3 moments of the trip (in no particular order):

  1. Eating at Poppie’s Fish and Chips with Olivia and Cort on my last evening in London: a proper farewell to my favorite city and Spring Break with the best food I have ever had
  2. Having a true French dinner — wine, charcuterie, baguettes, and brie — in Dijon, after spending the day hiking around Lake Kir and acting like a street youth on the town playground equipment
  3. Figuring out the Tube system and loving it (even though I usually fell asleep while riding it); public transportation is the love of my life

All in all, Spring Break abroad was a great bookend to my junior year. I can’t wait to go abroad again, even though it will be a while until that happens, but in the meantime, perhaps my next adventure is lying in wait right here in the states.



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