Three Months Later

Dear Readers,

As per usual, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. As much as I love writing down my experiences, I always find that sharing them is difficult to maintain. As a result, I usually stick to a handwritten journal. But since I have to blog for a cohort I’m a part of (on a different site), I thought I would look back at this blog and add an update.

I haven’t been on many adventures in a while, although going home for winter break is always one. I read this amazing article in Self magazine the other day about how going home reminds us of a person we don’t always like or recognize, but that when combined with the person we are now, it is necessary and beautiful to reflect on that transformation. The author of the article put it much more eloquently than I just did, and in quite a few more words, but I have to say that it really struck me as true. Being home is something that I sometimes find difficult, to remove myself from the self-run, scheduled life I live in Columbus, but it is also a reminder of everything that made me who I am today and the changes I am living. It is the starting point, and a really great one at that. I’m thankful that I still get to see my parents, dogs, and sister each winter because someday that might not be the case, depending on where we all live in relation to each other. Going home is an adventure in itself, and this winter break my adventure was weeping at the tragedy that is Downton Abbey with Tara, working and eating Chipotle with my mom, catching up with the cousins I haven’t seen in months, and stealing the Roku remote that my dad so ardently tried to keep at the house. While I did not travel anywhere outside of Ohio, or do anything that gave me some great story with which to return to Columbus, it was a lovely break.

Upon returning to Columbus, I feel energized to take on the semester and explore the new career I plan on pursuing. It’s hard to believe that I have just three semesters left in my undergraduate career, but it is also exciting. Hopefully, I will remember to keep you posted on it all, but in the meantime, wish me luck.



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