Kent State Recap

Dear Readers,

This week has been busy, so I didn’t get a chance to post about my weekend travels right away. On Saturday, October 15, I traveled with Ohio State to the Ohio College Personnel Association (OCPA) conference at Kent State University. This conference centered on preparing undergraduate and graduate students for careers in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

I had never been to Kent State before, even though it is only a couple hours away from Columbus. While at the conference, my friend, Arif, and I decided to explore campus. We started with the Recreational Center since Arif and I met through our employment at Ohio State’s Recreation and Physical Activity Center. We were impressed with the KSU’s rec center –the climbing wall in the main center was a nice touch. We then toured the library and green spaces on campus. Our favorite place on campus was the KSU sign with the waterfall right outside the student center — take note Ohio State.


The beautiful Kent State sign, and some beautiful Ohio State Res Life members sitting on it!

The black squirrels at Kent State were also a treat, albeit my confusion of the university essentially having two mascots. I also should note that KSU is a Pepsi school, not a Coke one; my Diet Coke dreams were crushed all day. While Arif and I were not able to visit the May 4 Museum, it was very humbling to be on a campus that has seen such an important time in history and has persevered through the horrific tragedy of that day.

It was a beautiful day on campus and an interesting discovery of career opportunities at the conference. Thanks, KSU for your warm welcome!





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