Monuments, Metros, Friends, and Deer: Final Thoughts on DC

Dear Readers,

The whir of the metro rushing past us on our way to the National Mall, streets full of trendy, young people, and old and new architecture seamlessly blended together. These are the sights and sounds of DC, and I have to say, I absolutely love them.

The air was crisp in our nation’s capital city today. It felt like fall for the first time all year. My friends and I visited the monuments and then split up to see the museums and libraries more in depth.

This was my first time in DC since the 8th grade, and once again, I fell in love with the history that is the city. This time, however, I also felt this cool, hip vibe while walking down the streets. It was in the farmer’s market we walked through, in the local restaurant at which we ate breakfast, and the efforts to conserve and be eco-conscious all around us. Similar to how I felt walking through Ohio State’s campus for the first time, DC gave me the feeling of home. I could see myself walking through the streets on my way to work, sitting at the Starbucks on Dupont Circle, and sitting on the steps of the national monuments. For some reason, I felt a real sense of purpose standing in DC, and I hope I can find my way back there someday.

Finally, I’m writing this in the car on our way home right now, and we just had a slight mishap. In Maryland/Pennsylvania/Virginia/Whatever, we ran into a deer on the highway. While everyone is okay, it was a terrifying experience. No one can predict what will happen during road trips, but I’m just happy that I’m with my friends and that we’re all safe.

That’s all I have for this weekend in DC. More from Columbus soon!



One thought on “Monuments, Metros, Friends, and Deer: Final Thoughts on DC

  1. Love, love, love reading your blog! Watch out “John Greene”, cause we have Caroline around the corner eager to fly and sail and I must say I do believe you will girl!! Keep in touch!! Love, Betsy

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