Good Morning, Baltimore

Dear Readers,

After a seven hour ride to Baltimore, we made it to Marissa’s mom’s home, where we stayed the night last night. For breakfast this morning, we went to a local diner together in the morning and then began our journey around Baltimore.

Our day was mainly comprised of visits to Johns Hopkins and Loyola University Maryland. We walked around the campuses, the latter shown to us by Olivia’s two friends: Mike and Dom. Loyola was absolutely beautiful, and it was nice to be shown the area by students.

Finally, we made a brief trip to Inner Harbor but were admittedly not that entertained by the area. So instead of milling around Maryland, we decided to make the hour-drive to DC and begin our Capitol adventure.

After arriving and checking into our DuPont Circle Hotel room, we hopped on the metro to the National Mall. Aka to be basic and see some of the sights by night. Unfortunately we underestimated both how tired we are and how far away the Lincoln Memorial is, so we headed back to the hotel for a night in of conversation.

That’s all for tonight; I have to rest up for a full day of DC tomorrow!



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