The Definition of Adventure

Dear readers,

When deciding to restart this blog, I questioned the sort of content I could create within the frame of travel and adventure when I wouldn’t be going abroad for quite some time. This January, I will be spending eight days in India, but it’s not like I could just post about that trip for months and months on end. That is when I decided to readjust my definition of adventure.

The city of Columbus is one that I love. It’s a city that is constantly surprising me and showing me new sights and sounds. My adventures around my home are not any less important than my ones abroad, for even in Columbus, I am meeting new people, gaining new perspective, and learning about myself. I am excited to utilize these smaller, more local experiences in my posts.

My view of Columbus recently, shot from Miranova Place downtown.

My view of Columbus recently, shot from Miranova Place downtown.

But adventure doesn’t stop there. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the word as “an exciting or remarkable experience.” With this definition in mind, isn’t every day an adventure? I am fortunate enough to be at a university that allows me to have these remarkable, and even transformational, experiences on a regular basis just through the interactions I have with a diverse group of amazing people. THESE are the moments I need to remember and preserve through this blog, in addition to the adventures that take me to new places.


4 thoughts on “The Definition of Adventure

  1. I love reading your blogs. Your writing is amazing and I enjoy everything plus I save all your blogs and reread them. I am so happy for you!

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