My Apologies

Dear readers,

I have found that I’m a horrible blogger. As seen through my first inconsistent, and then nonexistent posts during my trip, I did not do the best job sharing my experience with others. While I could use the excuse of unreliable wi-fi (this is arguably valid), I think my lack of blogging could be attributed to the fact that my travels became a very intense, transformative, personal experience. Having acknowledged this, I would also add that because of this, they were difficult to share with others at times. It was easier to journal privately offline for me during this trip. I am happy with this decision, but I still wish I could have shared some of things I learned and saw while abroad with my friends, family, and followers.

As a result, I have decided to start blogging again, but this time with a more regular post schedule. Although I am not going abroad again for a few more months, I have ideas for how I can still share things relevant to adventure and exploring new places. But instead of detailing those ideas now (those will be in the next post!), I’ve decided to share a few highlights from my study abroad this summer below:

One of many bridge pictures in Venice

One of many bridge pictures in Venice

Caroline’s Top Five Experiences Abroad:
1. Picnicking and napping at Lake Bled in Slovenia. This country was unexpected and beautiful. It inspired me to embrace nature and go with the flow a little more than I do normally.
2. Watching the sun set over Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo. After visiting a monastery at the top of Florence, my travel partner and I sat for a few hours to watch the sun go down with an amazing panoramic view of my favorite city in the world.
3. Learning about the politics of Hungary. For our final class project, my partner and I created a video project discussing third-party politics in Hungary. This project got me more interested in politics in my own country, as well as connected me to Hungary forever. I am still always looking at online news about the country’s political changes. Watch our final video here:
4. Seeing famous sites in Rome. From the Colosseum, to Vatican City, to the catacombs, Rome was full of historical sites I have wanted to see for years. I grew up loving this city and its rich history, and I am so thankful that I finally got to see all of these sites in person!
5. Landing in Columbus, OH and seeing my family and friends after six weeks away. While I still miss Europe and traveling, the best part about leaving is always coming home. Seeing my hometown, state, and nation in a new light was one of the biggest takeaways I got from this program.

Please stay tuned for more posts and more details about my trip! 



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