School Orientation and Welcome Reception

It’s my second day in Budapest (my first full day) and today our whole study abroad group took public transportation to our school– University of Applied Sciences, Budapest (BKF)– which as it turns out is the largest private school in the city. It’s also an arts school, so we got to see a weaving classroom, a fashion design classroom, computer aided design workshops, and a photography shooting center. This is where we will be editing our final multimedia projects, as well as having our own every day history and cultural lessons. From now on the trip to school will be independently-based, so we will not have our instructor to lead us each morning. I think that this has been the best way to orient myself around the city already.

I am actually pretty confident in my directional ability here, which is great. It’s been like my first few days at Ohio State, where it took a while to figure out where the Oval was in comparison to everything else, except with our hostel as the center. It’s amazing how much there is left to explore. Even though we have a month, it still feels like it’s going to go by so quickly, especially because outside of the places we go as a group, there are so many places to travel to and around the city. Things like Roman ruins, the baths, and flea markets. It is a lot to try and take in all at once.

Tonight our school gave us a welcome event in a docked boat restaurant, named none other than the Columbus Pub. It was so magical and kind of BKF and our advisor to put it together. And it’s definitely an experience I will remember. Tomorrow, we are getting a more formal orientation of the city, so that we will feel more comfortable with the transportation and maps. So for now, I better sleep.



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